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All russia medals?

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Ummm yeah, they are supposed to be Russian medals. In spite of the aged look to the ribbon on the Russian Civil-war era medal, I have doubts that it is period made, but there are others on this forum that are a better judge of authenticity.

The second is badge, but I don't immediately recognize what it supposed to be. Judging by the patina I would suspect that this is a modern made piece as well.

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Is it me or does that badge give you the impression it was of asian manufacture. The horse and rider look stylisticly like something one would see in asian art work. Sounds weird and i hope i don't come across sounding wrong but it looks like a chinese manufacturer made a copy of a russian badge. Certainly not of the quality i would expect.



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The one at left is from the Russian "White Army", the one at right is cossack.

The wreath & sword award at left is for the 1920 Great Siberian Expedition. There are at least 10+ different variations from different makers. They were commissionned by Major-General Sergei Nikolaevich Wojciechowski. Looks like a period item, but these days, who knows for sure...

The badge at right is Cossack. These badges were made in Shangai China in 1925 to mark the formation and denote membership in the Union of Cossacks, they are not awards.

They came in 3 colours:

Red background for Siberian Cossacks

Yellow background for Amur, Ussuri and Trans-Baikal cossacks.

Blue background for Orenburg cossacks.

My gut feeling for this particular badge is that it's a modern repro. Cossack awards, even modern ones are usually of pretty low quality (see pic below). Unless made later by a fine jeweler, which is unlikely, I'd treat it as a repro/copy.

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Sweet! :cheers: I'm a bit surprised, but by the same token quite thrilled to find out some of these badges we manufactured in higher quality than previously thought. Many thanks for sharing this with us!

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On 10/7/2011 at 10:49, usairforce said:

all from shanghai



It's from some museum?

On 10/9/2011 at 11:27, usairforce said:

All from shanghai russian Regiment


Guys, where it's located this items?

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