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General der Panzertruppe Hermann Balck

Born: 7th Dec 1893

Died: 29th Nov 1982

Kommandeur Schützen-Regiment 1

Kommandeur Panzer-Regiment 3

Kommandeur 2 Panzer-Brigade

Kommandeur 11 Panzer-Division

stellv.Führung Infanterie-Division Großdeutschland

Kommandeure XXXXVIII Pz.Korps

Oberbefehlshaber 4 Panzerarmee

Oberbefehlshaber Heeresgruppe G

Oberbefehlshaber 6 Armee

Ritterkreuz - 3rd Jun 1940 / Eichenlaub - 20th Dec 1942 / Schwertern - 4th Mar 1943 / Brillianten - 31st Aug 1944

Image: EK II citation

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From Edgar Feuchtinger's personnel file. Only a few weeks after the examples above, so not much difference in signature.


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