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Herr, Traugott

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Oberst Traugott Herr

Born: 16-09-1890

Died: 13-04-1976

01-08-39 Oberst

01-04-42 Generalmajor

01-12-42 Generalleutnant

01-09-43 General der Panzertruppen


13. Schützen-Brigade (17-10-40)

13. Panzer-Div. (29-11-41 / 01-11-42)

LXXVI. Panzer-Korps (25-06-43)

14. Panzer-Armee (m.d.F.b.) (24-11 / 13-12-44)

10. Armee (15-02-45)

RK: 02-10-41

EL: 09-08-42

Schw.: 18-12-44

Image: Award document Sudetenmedaille (15-10-39)

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