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Latest Canadian Bravery Decoration Awards

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Governor General Announces the Awarding of 10 Decorations for Bravery

His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, announced today the awarding of one Star of Courage and nine Medals of Bravery. For list of recipients and citations: http://www.gg.ca/document.aspx?id=14279


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I'd say "Well done, Canada!" but Canadians are far too self-effacing to cheer ourselves on. In fact, we're well known for it. If you bump into a Canadian on the sidewalk ['pavement'], he or she apologizes to you!

Seriously, though: I think we often forget the day to day heroism of police, fire fighters and ordinary citizens, perhaps because their acts are deeemd not as 'sexy' or showy as the defusing IEDs and rescuing comrades under enemy fire.

I am proud to be a Canadian and bask in their glow. Huzzah!

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