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Generalleutnant Helmuth Weidling

Born: 2nd Nov 1891

Died: 17th Nov 1955 - in Russian captivity, southeast of Moscow

Highest rank reached: General der Artillerie

Kommandeur ArtillerieRegiment 56

Kommandeur Artillerie Regiment 20

Artillerie Kommandeur (Arko) 128

Kommandeur 86 Infanterie Division

Kommandierender General XXXXI.Panzerkorps.

Kommandierender General LVI.Panzerkorps & Kampfkommandant of Berlin

Ritterkreuz - 15th Jan 1943 / Eichenlaub - 22nd Feb 1944 / Schwertern - 28th Nov 1944

DKiG - 23rd Jun 1942

Image: EK II citation

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