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Major Werner Klosinski

Born: 12th Jun 1912

Died: 31st Aug 1997

Highest rank reached: Oberstleutnant

KG 55 'Greif'

Staffelkapitän 2./KG 55 'Greif'

Gruppenkommandeur III./KG 4 'General Wever'

Geschwaderkommodore KG 4 'General Wever'

Court martialed by Reichsmarschall Göring in March 1945 for repeated insubordination. Found guilty and banned from Reich territory by Göring, At wars end Klosinski was in a low-level Luftwaffe staff postion in Oslo.

Ritterkreuz - 9th Jun 1944

DKiG - 24th Sep 1942

Ehrenpokal - 8th Jun 1942

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