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Whilst this particular part of the database has the potential to be a great resource, thanks already to those generous members who have posted their signatures, the one thing it can’t help with is if someone has a signature but doesn’t know who it belongs to. Unless they are willing to click on every thread in this section they will find that this database lay-out is of little help, after all with no name to go on where do they start except for at the beginning and working their way through. With that in mind, the Chairman has also set up an image database, using the images posted here, so if someone does have a signature that they do not know the name of then they can easily scan the images in the hope that they can find one to match it to.


This gallery can be found in the menu at the top of the Forum pages under the tab marked Collectors Galleries, or at this link...


Signature Images


If not already showing in the format, by clicking on the DETAIL option on the right hand side you are presented with page after page of images allowing for an easier comparison process. If a comparison is found then if they so wish they can then return to this section for additional information on that particular person and/or signature.


When a signature is posted here in this section, once or twice a week I will add the newly added examples to the photo gallery so that both this database and the gallery can grow side by side, both combining to provide two various ways of allowing people to find what they are looking for.


If a member has a signature that they are not able to identify through the use of either database then please feel free to post it in the relevant Imperial or Third Reich Document sections of this forum and hopefully a member will be able to assist:


Imperial Document Section...



Third Reich Document Section...



As with all images posted, copyright remains with the image owner.

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Hucks - thanks for doing this - I hope to take advantage of all your hard work at some point. And if I get off my lazy butt, maybe add a couple signatures from docs I have.

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Likewise...at some point I will repost my Heer German resistance signatures here but I'm too busy at work right now.

Three questions - (i) are signatures from photos or undated non-award documents OK? or should they be excluded even if we have an approxiamte date of signing and (ii) is there value in posting additonal examples as reponses to already posted examples? (iii) Many government officials, land owners and businessmen were involved in the history of the period (e.g. July 20 plot). As such they involved themsleves in military matters. For example Bonhoeffer was an Abwehr operative without being an armed services member. Should they be posted as uncategorized or excluded? Just asking, not lobbying.



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Hello Colin,

When it comes to photos or undated documents just include an approximate date in the post if known, or if it is after 1945 then just put something like 'Post War' or 'Post War 1955 or whatever year). I have only posted award citations as that is what I collect but if a signature is on another type of document then that is perfectly ok.

As for the type of person the signature belongs to then their background doesn't really come into it, the database has been set up to include the signatures of not only Imperial German & Wehrmacht officers but also business leaders of the periods, politicians, members of the anti-Hitler resistance, members of the numerous paramilitary organisations and so-on. If there isn't a Prefix/Tag that covers their area then just put it as Uncategorized. This database is very much a work in progress so if needs be then I'm sure a relevant Prefix/Tag (Valkyrie or July 20th for example) can be installed at a later point which I can then use to edit the titles of previously posted threads.

And as for posting additional examples of someones signature then as long as it isn't from the same time frame as the one already posted then it can only benefit the database to have further examples, maybe if the person was holding a different command/appointment or the item was signed a year or two earlier/later - see the entries for Dönitz or Hube for example. Just add it as a Reply in the relevant thread.

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