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Yugoslav partisan hat badge?

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I forgot to mention that these pictures are from an article about Yugoslav 1944-1946 cockades written by B. Bogdanovic for Russian magazine Zeughaus #39.

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Paja, thank you for very nice scans and pics of variety of partisan badges.

About GC's star I would also say it's Soviet, but if worn by Yugoslavs, we'll probably never know. There were regular Soviet cap stars, enammeled and painted, worn by partisans, some on regular basis, some gotten from Soviet soldiers, especially where two armies operated together (Srem front). On Slovenian forums, there quite often someone comes out of the woodwork with soviet cap star (usually enammeled one) and claims it's partisan. It may be and in many cases they are, but without very solid proof (a picture of this particular star worn on partisan, for example) it's almost impossible to prove it.

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