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Warlord period decorations: some trivial observations of their confusing similarity

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Well this has appeared again, correctly labelled this time - Biyun Temple decoration.

Was intrigued by this particular specimen when it was unsold at 1000 euros.

Starting price - 4000 euros.


It appears to be a sash badge. I've not seen any images of a breast star and it's still a mystery why a Temple would be handing out decorations.

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Also same provenance "This order has been awarded to a French Air Force officer serving in China"

Guess this officer was real devotee :whistle:

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Well that Biyun Temple award mentioned in #44 and #48, unsold at 1000 euros, then 4000 euros, CAN NOW BE YOURS FOR 5750 EUROS!

It never ceases to amaze me how some dealers look at recent price trends in Chinese medals and think the sky is now the limit for their wares.

My favourite examples:

* Military Order of the Dragon - $12,500 (3-4 times what they would sell for at auction):


* That mysterious Double Dragon discussed in: http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/60611-russian-double-dragon/

At least the price has been reduced from the original $15,000 …

It's left me wondering.

Is this like Tiffany's where massively inflated prices generate cachet and an aura of exclusivity that customers flock to buy?

Or do people just point and laugh?

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I guess the latter...

I once inquired about a (too) high priced item from the seller in question, asking if he was willing to reduce the price a little.

He said no and then raised the price by 25%...

That was 6-7 years ago... the item is still unsold...


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