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Canadian Diamond Jubliee Medal Making and Presentation

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Did any other Commonwealth counties produce their own Jubilee medals? Or did they issue the UK version, if at all?


According to Wiki (so bare in mind this is tentative)... Only the UK, Canada and the Caribean realms struck a medal, so 3 different versions.

Have a looksee here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_Elizabeth_II_Diamond_Jubilee_Medal

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YES I believe you are in fact correct. There is a UK version, a Caribbean version, as as usual we Canadians have our own variant Which is must say is the most pleasing to the eye. IMO.

The Caribbean issue obverse says Caribbean Realms around the top near the claw, has the Queens Cipher surmounted by the crown, and the dates 1952-2012 around the bottom. The reverse of this issue is the same as the UK Version.

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I'm wondering though... Did the Aussies issue one? The British variant maybe?

IIRC, there was a movement of sorts in Australia to have their own version of the Diamond Jubilee Medal. As far as I know, it fell on the deaf ears of Government.

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