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Meendsen-Bohlken, Wilhelm

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Konteradmiral Wilhelm Meendsen-Bohlken

Born: 25 Jun 1897 in Brake/ Oldenburg

Died: 20 Aug 1985 in Köln

Highest rank attained: Vizeadmiral

Commander of the German Naval Command in Italy

Other postings:

Naval Commander- Tunisia

Fleet Chief

German Cross in Gold (15 Sept 1943)

Knight's Cross (15 May 1944)

Other decorations:

1914 EK2 (01 Jul 16)

1914 EK1 (30 Dec 19)

Oldenburg Friedrich-August Cross 2. Class (19 Nov 17)

Oldenburg Friedrich-August Cross 1. Class

Imperial U-boat Badge (Oct of 1918)

1914-1918 Cross of Honor w/ Swords

Wehrmacht Long Service 4. through 2. Classes

Commander Cross of the Spanish-Moroccan Order of Mehdauia (13 May 38)

1939 Spange to the 1914 EK2 (10 Jun 42)

1939 Spange to the 1914 EK1 (30 Aug 42)

1939 KVK2X

1939 KVK1X

Commander Cross of the Royal Italian Order of the Crown

High Seas Fleet Badge (29 Nov 42)

"Afrika" cufftitle (1943)

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