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Ruhfus, Heinrich

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Konteradmiral der KM Heinrich Ruhfus

Born: 14-04-1895

Died: 26-05-1955

01-10-1938 Kapitän zur See

01-09-1942 Konteradmiral

16-09-39 / 10-04-40 Kdt. Leichter Kreuzer "Königsberg" (the ship was bombed by the RAF in port in Bergen, Norway, and sunk)

11-04-40 / 20-08-40 Hafen- bzw. Seekommandant Bergen

21-08-40 / 17-09-42 Kdt. Seeverteidigung Oslo, ab 01-04-41 Oslofjord

01-10-42 / 16-04-44 Kdr. Marinekriegsschule Mürwick

04-05-44 / 28-08-44 Kdt. Seevereidigung frz. Riviera, Toulon

Taken from a Sudeten Medal award document, dated 28-12-39.

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Signature of Ruhfus dated 1933 and taken from a Führungsbuch while serving on the Königsberg.

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