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20th Hussars in the Great War book by J.C. Darling

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Has anyone read this book? I am trying to piece together what life may have been like for my great grandfather, Herbert Hallett Private 4649 of the 20th Hussars. He served in the Boer War 1901/2 and fell at the first battle of Ypres in 1914.

Will this book be worth me buying? Can anyone recommend any other reading for this period and regiment?

I would love to know what life was like for him.


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At ~130 pages in total, you'll only find a handful pages on the early stages of the war, but if the 20th Hussars are "your" regiment there's no other book like it to my knowledge. Expect to pay ~£15 + post & packing for a paperback copy.

"The Ramnuggur Boys - 14th/20th King's Hussars 1715-1992" by John Pharo-Tomlin could also be of interest for you. The Marquess of Anglesey's "A History of the British Cavalry" (1816-1939) in general, and volumes 4 (Boer War), 7 (Western Front 1914) and 8 (Western Front 1915-1918) in particular if you want "the whole story".

If you want more on the 5th Cavalry Brigade and its units, "History of the Royal Scots Greys 1914-19" and "The 12th Royal Lancers in France" will provide information on the regiments fighting alongside the 20th Hussars during the Great War, as well as supplementing the abovementioned books.


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