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Hello Everyone

I have this 8 bar QSA issued to:

5819 Pte H.Young YK & Lancaster Regt. (1st Battalion)


Cape Colony

Orange Free State


Tugela Heights

Relief of Ladysmith

Laings Nek

South Africa 1901

South Africa 1902

I have been able to confirm all the bars with the exception of the SA01 & SA02. His name does not appear on the extra clasp roll for the QSA of which date bars are awarded. The medal looks perfectly fine and the two date bars do not look to be added later. Is it possible for Young to be on the KSA list with a note to say NOT entitled to KSA but date bars issued. Is it also possible that he could have served in another unit?

Being unable to verify this as a 8 bar QSA is driving me nuts.

Hoping that someone on the forum can help with this.

All said, the medal has some cracking bars on it.


Anthony Govender

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Hello Anthony.....

I can also confirm up to the South Africa 1901 as I have a 7 bar to the same unit but not the 1902.....

I would suggest posting your request on either of these two forums.....





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