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11th november 1940 german plane downed help needed

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Guest pikemedals

i got a part of a shell case that been engraved with the date 11 november 1940. the date was when the gun crew of the 59th H.A.A. shot a german plane down.i think it may be around london it was shot down. story is a plane was shot down and the shell case was cut up and share out with the gun crew. my great uncle was part of that gun crew. he joined the T.A. in 1938 at whipp cross leyton.with the 59th H.A.A.i got his letters one say about the plane being downed on the 11 nov 1940. so i know it true about the plane. the 59th H.A.A. played a part in the battle of britan and the london blitz. so my main questions is how can i find out more about the plane that was shot down.what plane was it ? and where was it downed ? and what happen to the air crew of the phane ? any help please paul

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Paul - I would try local police stations - fire brigade stations and ambulance service stations. You might be lucky and find

they still have records from that period. Loacl museums may also be able to help and of course there is the Air Ministry itself.

Best of luck . Mervyn (I mention the original authorities because at Bethnal Green we still had reports of bombings and

stampedes from WW2. Next to Bethanl Green tube station was a small park with a local 3.7" AA battery. Peoople going to

the shelters were startled when the guns opened fire and they tried to push down the stairs. Nearly 200 were killed and I

think it is still the worst crowd tragedy in the UK ? )

ps. Send a letter to the local paper - you may be surprised with what turns-up.

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