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(Silver) Honour cross of the Leopold-Order Lippe-Detmold

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Hello guys,

does anyone have a honour cross of the Leopold-Order Lippe-Detmold in his collection?

Actually I have a quite interesting discussion with another collector regarding the production of this order (and the difference of Büsch- and Godet-crosses).

In addition it seems, that there are even differences within the early Büsch-crosses, as mine seems to be made of two pieces (cross-body) plus the two seperated centers (soldered afterwards with polished seams), while the other cross consists of a one-piece cross-body with two seperate centers).

I attached my four-pieces cross, which I recently could welcome in my collection after a long, long search :love:

By the way, both crosses (mine and the other one) are original awarded, without any doubts.

Best regards


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