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I have been trading emails with a friend in Germany about Admiral Karl Doenitz and his foreign awards. There is plenty of "information" on the internet and he and I have concluded that much of the information is conflicting.

Can anyone furnish a list of the admiral's foreign awards and the grade of each - commander, knght, with swords or not, and so on.

Many thanks.

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Being only a novice, I probably posted this request on the wrong thread - lots of readers and no replies.

In any case, I took the advice of the old addage and did it myself - ohne Hilfe! Now you chaps may benefit from my research.

The admiral's awards - less the Wehrmacht Treudienst awards - are listed in ths post - below.

I am especially interested in the admiral. One of my aunts (intelligence Amt) worked for him. It was through her that my father (an army officer) assigned to Admiral Frisius' "Festung Duenkichen," was informed that I was born on 22 December 1944.

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