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Just picked up a QSA and found the medal roles for QSA and KSA and he didn't qualify for any KSA clasps so does that mean he might not be entitled for the KSA at all? I thought they were always issued together but I can not find anything about the 3rd Battalion so maybe it was a flying visit. In the 2nd Boer War it seems only 1st & 2nd Battalions were used in the front line for all regiments. Any yes .... I do like an old ribbon (don't like 100 year old medal to have a ribbon that dazzles with epic brightness :speechless:)

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Hi, I had a quick look in the latest Medal Yearbook 2013, and according to them the KSA was never issued on its own but in conjunction with the QSA subject to appropriate qualifying service. The KSA without the SA01 and SA02 clasps are known, with about 600 nurses and a few odd men receiving them. Single clasp KSA's are rated as being very rare.

A quick look at British Battles and Medals, resulted in a reference to no clasp KSA's to 587 nurses. They also confirm that the KSA was not awarded without the QSA. It is important to note that the QSA could be awarded with no KSA based on service in the Boer War predating January 1901.

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