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Lets keep this topic going! You all are posting some very interesting history and artifacts.

Thank you very much. I hope to, but as it's my collection, I'm limited to what's out there and what I can afford... Oh to be Bill Gates. ; )

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London Gazette 27 March, 1956 p. 1804

W. Yorks.

Territorial Army Reserve of Officers

Lt. C.R. Garstang (382451) relinquishes his commission 24th of February 1955 on appointment to a commission in the Canadian Army


Truly impressive grouping of decorations. Congratulations.

I can only add the barest minimum of information on the career of Chris Garstang. According to the Canadian Army (Regular) List of 1966 the entry for Garstang (Regimental Number ZB6776) shows that he was born in August of 1928 and that his seniority in the rank of Captain dated from April 2, 1962. Oh, and he was qualified for promotion to Major.



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Hi Dan,

Thanks so much; every little piece to the puzzle of keeping the recipient "alive" is always most welcome and in my opinion vital.

All the very best,


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A great new photo of Major C. R. Garstang (ZB6776) wearing the ribbon bar for the above two parade mounted medals.  Thank you Dan for the info and new photo!

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And once again, thanks to Dan, there are two more photos of Ray Garstang and his obit written by his widow, Marie as quoted below.  (Note the medal bar in the photos below.)




Born 1928 in Lancashire, England, lived in Yorkshire until he attended Leeds University.

He was conscripted into the British Army, Green Howards, as a second lieutenant, East York regiment and stationed in Austria. One of his postings was on the Anglo Russian demarcation line, controlled by the Russians and British and the western world.

Ray emigrated from England to Canada in 1953. He joined the Canadian Forces and had a 20 year career at rank of Captain.

Posted in Ottawa he ultimately traveled to 47 other countries.  Ray was the Canadian delegate on the International Commission in Vietnam in 1962-1963.  After he retired, Ray embarked on a new career with his wife Marie and opened Raymar Lighting and Interiors, a lighting store situated in downtown Oakville. Ray and Marie operated their store for 28 years.

Ray was very happy and appreciated the many friends that Marie and he had made over the years living in Royal Vista.

Ray passed away peacefully January 4, 2013 at the Brant Centre in Burlington. He will be cremated.  A private Celebration of his Life will take place.  MAY HE REST IN PEACE  Marie Garstang (March 14, 2013)




Capt Charles Raymond Garstang, CD, served with the Canadian Guards, 2nd Bn and Regimental Depot


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Here is Garstang's group again as they aren't showing up in the above thread.  It's a very unusual and scarce group.


2014-05-07 01.49.56.jpg

2014-05-07 01.50.32.jpg

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