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Hello Fritz!

Unfortunately I don´t know much about the zoomed badges.

Lovcen is in Montenegro. German troops hadn´t been there

Battaglione Cividale is an italian one: http://www.battaglionecividale.com/index.php/2015-04-26-18-18-20/la-storia-del-battaglione/12-il-battaglione

Pflanzer is possible it was worn by german troops

8.Geb.Brig. : I don´believe, because Montenegro is mentioned

1914-1917: I haven´t seen ti before. We see an austrian and a german soldier (?). Probably just a remembrance one. Maybe worn, but I´m not sure

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Thanks, Andy. When I saw that grouping, I had to wonder.

I am at the point where 3. Armee, Korps Kühne and 215.Inf.Div. are likely to be the end points, at least for now. My two newest here are Korps Marshall and  Armee Pflanzer.


Again, Andy, thanks for inspiring expanding my Bavarian focus to include this little collection.

Tray Abz (1).JPG

Edited by Fritz die Spinne

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7 hours ago, The Prussian said:

Hello Fritz!

Great collection! Superb! Are you sure, the last two ones were worn by german troops?

Vielen Dank! The influence of the Bavarians on the one insignia, plus the great deal I got on it, led to its purchase. 

14th Army was German led, but primarily consisted of K.u.K. units, to include the 22nd Schützen Div. The German units were primarily from the Bavarian III Korps, with a couple units from Württemburg, as well. There would have been a large Bavarian influence within this Army group.

14. Armee / Armeeoberkommando 14 / A.O.K. 14) was an army level command of the German Army in World War I formed in September 1917 in Krainburg for use against Italy. Its Headquarters was located at Vittorio Veneto from 10 November 1917 until the army was disbanded on 22 January 1918. The 14th Army served on the Italian Front throughout its existence.

The Flieger badge is one I have noted in the attached Bavarian Leiber turned Flieger photo:

Bay Flieger mit Kappenabzeichen, Leib Friedensrock.jpg

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Hi FRitz!

I know that photo. I stil wonder which badge it is (the 1st from left at the cap).

Is it really the Flieger one???? That would be a big surprise!!!

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