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Order of the Cloud and Banner Serial Number Database

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I have always wanted to make a database for the Order of the Cloud and Banner as it seems relatively many survived as being awarded to foreigners. It will include class, serial number, manufacturer, date awarded (if available), name (if available), source found. Let me know if anything else should be added or removed. Medal manufacturer names will be included later since I don't have the Chinese name for them yet. There is some other auctions to go through later.

If you want to submit a serial number and/or picture post it below and I will add it to the list. Please include the source.

1st Class

2nd Class

495 - NM,ebay:Aug 2010

3rd Class

73 - GMIC:Irish

4th Class

5th Class

361 - NM,ebay:Apr 2011

6th Class

184 - WAF:Allan H.

473 - LaGallerie:Jan2008

513 - usmilitariaforum:Dave,LtCol. Tom Gibbons!

888 - militaryaviationartifacts

1271 - NM,Affliated Auctions(liveauctioneers):Dec2010,1947Nov15,MSgt Ralph O. Loving

2156 - GMIC:hugh

2213 - usmilitariaforum:Jack's Son,LtCol. Elgin B. Rittenberry!

2910 - flyingtigerantiques

3691 - NM,MBA Auction(liveauctioneers):Apr2012,1946Dec23,Name?

3696 - flyingtigerantiques

7th Class

15 - coinarchives.com

274 - NM,ebay:Jun2011

910 - WAF:helmetbuyers

1043 - usmilitariaforum:coberry731,Capt. Elmer Berry

1408 - usmilitariaforum:Jack's Son

2245 - NM,ebay:Mar2011

8th Class

127 - flyingtigerantiques

449 - usmilitariaforum:manayunkman, PFC Raymond A. Comfort

563 - LaGallerie:Nov2012,1946Aug??, TSgt Carl H. Weber

9th Class

551 - WAF:Paul V

876 - usmilitariaforum

NM= Manufacturer mark is not available

! with names means rank was awarded after the award.

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In case you don't have it, the recipient of mine is Gordon Alone Rust, USAAF, who received the award for flying the Hump in WW II.

2156 - GMIC:hugh



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Neither can I. Here's a pic of the medal. (with new ribbon)

Edited by Hugh

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Post become "frozen" (uneditable) in the next 24 hours after posting.

So the only way to expand this thread will be adding new posts.

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From the Morton & Eden April 2007 American Numismatic Society sale:

* First Class - 199

* Second Class - 276

* Third Class - 602

* Fourth Class - 1682

* Fifth Class - 1140

* Sixth Class - 3961

* Seventh Class - 2410

* Eighth Class - 1297

* Ninth Class - 1574

December 2011:

* Third Class - 751

November 2012:

* Fourth Class - 680

* Sixth Class - 3299

* Eighth Class - 426

* Ninth Class - 512

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Good Morning and a happy day to you!<br />I don't know if this is going to be of much help, but I noticed an obscure (It was in the wrong area) item on eBay which was selling the medal which appeared to be a 1st Class Breast Badge with the following award:<br /><br />"National Government Republic of China Certificate of award:<br /><br />"The Special Breast Order of the Cloud and Banner with Certificate"<br />To<br />Major Claude Powell O-1573517<br /><br />For duties while an Instructor at the South West China Training Center, 20 January 1946<br /><br />signed: CHIANG CHUNG CHXXNG (Blurred)<br />President<br /><br />Richard

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Hi Wendell, thanks for the information! I assume the medal was lost long ago?

Anybody know if Special Breast Order is what class? I am guessing 8th or 9th?

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