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Another interesting Ribbon Bar, as far as I could gather, this gent earned the following: 

Bavarian MVK 


Reuss Merit Medal

Hindenburg Cross

Bavarian Luitpold Jubilee Medal (the faintest hints of green on the edges on the reverse, I thought it was )

Bavarian Long Service Medal (faded terribly)

Saxon War Merit Cross



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A rather patriotic Bavarian to keep the MVK in the 1st place on the bar even in the 1930s! :-) Was there a Bavarian Regt with the strong Reuss connection?

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2 hours ago, Dave Danner said:

None that I know of. Probably a native of Reuß.

Sometimes there are strange streams in peoples lives. Especially back them when folks did not travel that much. A local collector had a large group, including the full uniforms and Tschakos of a guy who served in the 14th Jäger Battalion.... and the 2nd bavarian Jäger battalion.... how strange is that??

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Having served in both the Bavarian and Prussian Armies is certainly strange, although for those two units it might be less uncommon than for any other Prussian Jäger-Bataillon.  Since JB 14 was stationed in Alsace, a Bavarian living there might end up doing his draft time with the batallion and then going back home to Bavaria. 

I've come across other Bavarians living in Alsace-Lorraine who ended up in local Prussian regiments such as IR 132, although I can't recall any who then transferred to the Bavarian Army.  IR 132 and other Straßburg-based regiments were often a stopping place for college students at the university there to do their Einjährig-Freiwilliger year, no matter where in the Empire they originally came from.

I still have not been able to put a name to my mystery Bavarian bar, but Daniel and I are of the opinion that while he served in the Bavarian Army in the early 1900s (since he had the 1905 Jubilee), he apparently served in World War I in the Prussian Army, since there are no Bavarian officer matches for his wartime awards (from Prussia, Bavaria, Saxe-Meiningen, Bulgaria and Austria-Hungary). 

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