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I was just surfing the net trying to find out more about this very subject when I found this thread (don't know why I didn't check GMIF first, rookie mistake there!!). Now I see it's a few years old, but thought I might try and resurrect it anyway.........

My question is thus, (see below table), which states that 52 police were deployed when the Burma force deployed on the third Burma campaign (1885). I believe that the Burma police per say didn't come into existence until 1886, but these men deployed in 1885. To that end would these men have all been native troops or were there any Europeans in there ranks, like the later Malaya Police? 


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The BMP were certainly British officered, either with officers on secondment from the Indian Army in the early years or, perhaps, men directly commissioned into that corps.  I'd have to check but I don't believe they had British NCOs attached as occurred with some of the Imperial/colonial police units because, at least in part, the BMP was raised from existing infantry units and was even more 'paramilitary' than the usual run of colonial police forces.  

That is to say, and again I'd have to double check, my recollection is that they functioned more as soldiers than bobbies, putting down the 'dacoits' - Burmese bandits or freedom fighters, depending on who's telling it.

I hope this helps a bit.

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