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Japanese document translation needed

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I have a pair of Japanese WWII medals that were awarded to a fireman during the WWII bombing and fire raids. The group also includes a 14 page, small format, printed booklet reported to be his service record. It appears to be a general rules book, but has personal entries, and probably has his name, rank, etc.. I would like to contact someone who could provide a basic translation overview of the document, not every word, but enought to give me some information on the fireman himself, his city, times of service and the like.

I would like to send a photocopy of the document to anyone who could help, and would be happy to pay an agreed upon price for their time and service. A contact in the US would be easiest, but I can mail it overseas should that be necessary.

If you are interested, please contace me via a PM and we can discuss it. Thanks.


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