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im currently researching into 19 port workshop, im wondering if anyone has any information on this detachment

i already have the war diaries, some photos & a few other bits and pieces

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Welcome to the GMIC! And Happy New Year. We're a friendly lot and seem to count among our number at least one expert on d**n near any topic you'd care to name. At least, to the best of my recollection I can't recall many occasions when the whole club has come up dry and some members have a fantastic depth and breadth of knowledge in their specialty areas.

Am I right in assuming that '19 Port Workshop [Company?] were a Royal Engineers or Ordnance Corps unit? I'm also guessing from your reference to war diaries that your interest is First War. At least here in Canada, war diaries for 1914-18 are available but nothing for WWII due to confidentiality rules, and I think the same applies in the UK. |The more detail you can give us on exactly what you're looking for, the more likely it is that someone here can help.

Again, welcome!


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19 port workshop detachment was royal electrical mechanical engineers, they landed in North Africa during ww2

As to details I'm looking for anything I can find, I've already posted on countless websites for information, I already have the war dairies but looking to find out as much as I can from other sources :)

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