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It is a change however back to the medal, it looks like an Air Force Cross. It was instituted by warrant dated 11 April 1981 following approval by PW Botha, State President of South Africa at the time.

Awarded to members of the South African Air Force and other members of the SADF, Auxiliary service or other armed forces attached to the SAAF. It was awarded for "distinguished service in dangerous situations by their exceptional courage, leadership, skill, ingenuity or tenacity in the handling of personnel, weaponry or other equipment."

The paratrooper to her right has been awarded the Army Cross, if I am spotting the colour correctly.



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Quite right, Tamara Thomas a lady of "mixed race" from Fishoek in the Cape, apparently took strain as a youngster from her peers, as she spoke with a distinguished accent and was well educated.

Air Force Cross awarded for firefighting, she was a helicopter pilot at the time.


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I think i will start a fan club...

If those paratroopers are true to form... They already have hooked up their static lines. :whistle:

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Just my luck, when I was in the SADF the nearest thing they had to a woman was a freshly shaven national serviceman, with a liking for silk camisoles and fluffy slippers. Mind you...he was rather popular amongst some of the older PF Staff Sergeants. First one in our bungalow to get his own room in army HQ barracks...no idea why?

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The medal in question is correctly named: The Air Force Cross - there are FOUR crosses, for the four

different arms of the forces at that time. All were identical silver crosses but each had a different

central roundel- depicting the badge of the appropriate service: Army; Air Force; Navy or Medical


Also, the ribbon changes, as the different arm of the military changes.The army ribbon is red and white.

The air force is light blue (with a thin central yellow line) and white; the navy is dark blue, and the

medical service is purple / maroon.

Both the cross and the girl are very attractive..........

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