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WANTED - Ministerial/Departmental/Agency Orders

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For some reason, some Russian Federation ministries, departments and agencies have yet to publish some of the orders establishing some of their individual awards. For example, the Defense Ministry hasn't published the orders establishing many of it's commemorative badges although they are known to exist. Likewise for the FSB, FSO and MVD. I've managed to find a few ones purely by accident deep in Russian legal web sites but even our Russian colleagues are having a really hard time in finding many of these.

This thread will be used to post such awards with unpublished orders in the hope that somebody somehow finds one or some of them to share with the membership. I know for one that I would be quite grateful at any help in this matter!

I will delete the posts as their individual orders are found... I hope to be deleting soon!

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Interior Ministry

Medal "For Merit in Aviation"
(Медаль «За Заслуги в Авиации»)

Established on 11 November 2011 by order #970. But nobody can find the write up!

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