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Cordón de la victoria 1936-39

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Could someone please tell me what exactly a Cordón de la victoria 1936-39 is, and what were the requirements for earning one?

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His real name is Military Sash -banda militar- (or cord -cordón militar-) for commemorating the end of the spanish civil war

Sash (for chiefs and capitans). Constituted by a silk sash, of crimson color and of eight centimeters of width, of whose ends paths hang tassels with bangs of silk of equal color and of twelve centimeters of length. The union of both ends will be done spending the ribbon doubled by a golden ring that will take in his forehead the inscription 1936-1939. The length of the set will be such that the metallic ring stays approximately fifteen centimeters below the waist.

Is placed always from the right shoulder to the left side (for chiefs and captains).

Cord (for officers) His length and color are the same that those of the sash, and it finishes in made tassels of the same cord. The ring union of both ends takes the same inscription that the ring of the Band, and his dimensions adapted to the thickness of the ends of the cord. The diameter of this one is of a centimeter

In use between 1940-1989

Please see http://museoaviacionmilitarespaola.blogspot.com.es/2012/12/el-cordon-y-la-banda-militar.html

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