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3 Line Turkish War Medal Document

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In my book The Turkish War Medal I showed a War Medal Document which had 4 lines. After publishing the book, Hector (GMIC Member) has send me a TWM Document which had 3 lines. (In the pictures below the difference between 3 and 4 lines are shown in red)(Blues are "you" which is not found in the 3 line documents, instead there is a blank space)

After that, I found out more of these 3 line documents and finally bought one (I only gave half of the price asked) which belongs to a Bulgarian Brigadier (Ottoman Turkish: Mirliva) Janko Draganoff. (Purple colour is used to fill out spaces in the 3 line document)

In the 3 line document the paragraph ends without the word (Bundan) at the end of the 3rd line.

Here I share with you the original document and the Ottoman Turkish, Turkish and English versions. An original translation of the document made by the diplomats at the Ottoman Legation in Sofia while presenting the Medal is also shared below.

Please also notice that; in the 3 line document there is another blank space in the 3rd line which has to be filled out, this blank space was replaced by “YOU” in the 4 line document instead of writing a name or a title or a courtesy title,like in this document.

Also note that the document was given on behalf of the Sultan by Enver Pahsa as mentioned in my correction thread :


What is this 3 line document, is it original? Yes it is original and IMHO there are 2 options:

  1. These 3 line documents were the earlier samples when the Medal was still given sparingly and people had no worries about filling in the 3rd blank space in the 3rd line.
  1. Or these were given to the allies without the 4th line, because the 4th line advise the citizens how to behave after receiving this award “So that / from now on you will continue to carry out your duties within law in the best way possible and spend special efforts to receive praises and to reach higher levels.” (But this is Enver Pasha who thought he had the authority to give advice to everybody)

If these 3 line documents were given to the allies who were not citizens, then how come lots of allies have 4 line documents?

Then we may say that 3 line documents are the earlier types and Enver Pasha decided to add some advice to the citizens in the later 4 line version ?

Best wishes


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