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Aren't they the rank badges of senior UK police officers?

hi , think Arthur R may have hit the nail on the head . the crossed emblems on the wreath do look like police tipstaffs .the crown was designed to unscrew and contained in the hollow shaft was a warrant of arrest.

regards paul.

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Agreed, they are British Police rank badges for ranks above C/Supt. Used elsewhere in the Commonwealth as well. The Met calls the rank wearing only the "Crossed Tipped-staves" device "Commander, and the provincial forces use a different title, but then I'm a "Colonial" and not overly knowledgeable on the issue.

I think the "Chief Constable" of most UK forces wear the Tipped-staves with a Crown above......as did the Commissioner of Police in Rhodesia, before the "Republic" was declared in 1970.  After "Republic" the BSAP adopted gilt rank badges for officers, the crown on top of the tipped-staves became a "Zimbabwe Bird" and the Crown worn by Superintendents and C/Supt was replaced by the Rhodesian Lion-and-Tusk atop a slightly larger diameter laurel-wreath.  Until 1975, "the Inspectorate" retained the white-metal "pip" until they too were "commissioned" and their "pips" too became gilt.

A pity the photo is upside down!

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