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Photos of the Ottomans and Allies decorated with the TWM

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KuK Staff Major Hermann Pokorny

Hermann Pokorny 2.jpg

Hermann Pokorny 3.jpg

Pilot Lt. Hellmuth Felmy

EKI, EKII, Turkish Gold Liyakat with Swords, Silver İmtiyaz with swords, Silver Liyakat with Swords, Turkish War Medal and Turk and Grman Pilot Badges

Hellmuth Felmy.jpg

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Pilot Leutnant Wendelmuth

Pilot Leutnant (Pilot Teğmen) Wendelmuth.jpg

Mustafa Kemal Pasha, Enver Pasha,Cemal Pasha

M.Kemal Pasha, Enver Pasha, Cemal Pasha.jpg

General Director of Inspectors of PTT Irfan Rıza bey (Later, Undersecretary of Ministry of Finance)

Posta Telgraf Teftiş Heyeti Genel Müdürü (Daha sonra Maliye Bakanlığı Müsteşarı) İrfan Rıza Bey..jpg

(Sergeant) Salih Çavuş - WWI and War of Independence

TWM and Mecidi Order

Birinci Dünya Savaşı ve Kurtuluş Savaşı'na katılan ve bulunduğu her yerde fevkalade başarılar göstermesiyle tanınan Kara Salih Çavuş'un Harp Madalyalı bir fotoğrafı.jpg

Hasan Cemil bey

Makriköylü (Bakırköylü) Hasan Cemil Bey.jpg

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Got this a few days ago.

The seller said, it was taken in Syrie (Syria).

Iron cross, Liakat with Swords and Galipolli star.

Some notes on the back. Is there anybody out there, who can read arabian?


I can read

Le A. Djemal (french)

Herm(ann) Kleeberg or Klessberg

le corps 20 Di. means Korps 20. Division



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On 21/9/2013 at 06:02, demir said:

Ludwig III of Bavaria

Ludwig III of Bavaria.jpg

Its not Ludwig  is his brother Leopold von Bayern . 

Demir : The kuk naval officer is german during the third reich he is not a line officer he is a beamte . 

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