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I am really posting for Members future reference. The South African Police became the South African Police Services in

1994 - at this point many of the European members took retirement or, left. With the large intakes required to bring the

strength-up it will be quite a few years before many of them will get this medal.

This is the third pattern of the Medal - 1951 to 1963. Rather then the British LS&GC - this is known as the Faithful Service

Medal - being in English and Afrikaans, it is also known as the Troue Diens Medal. The Award was for 18 years of good

service - with bars for extra periods.

The medal with it is the Africa Service Medal. This is a WW2 award and with his naming it includes the lettering SAP. The

medal is in sterling silver. He would have served with-in South Africa. A collectable pair. Mervyn


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