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Hello all,

This medal was presented to one Louis Henry Emile Tucker.

Extract from London Gazette:

India Office, January 1, 1891.
THE Queen has been graciously pleased to make the following appointments to the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire : —
To be Companions.
Lieutenant-Colonel Louis Henry Emile Tucker, Bengal Infantry, Deputy Inspector-General of Police in the Punjab.

He began his military career approx. 1860 and retired with the rank of Maj-Gen on 27th April 1899.

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What a group and what long service. The medal that comes first is the second one illustrated, the India General Service 1854-95 with clasps Umbeyla and Jowaki, Umbeyla was a particularly bloody campaign it took place between October and December 1863 against Muslim tribes in Sittana on the North West Frontier,over 900 casualties were sustained and it was the worst bloody nose that imperial forces received until the Tirah campaign over 30 years later.The Jowaki campaign took place between November 1877 and January 1878, this was a punitive expedition against the Jowaki Afridis on the North West Frontier and was virtually bllodless mainly involving road building. The second Medal, First illustrated is the Second Afghan War Medal 1878-80 with clasps Ali Musjid and Kabul. The first clasp was awarded for the capture of the Hill fortress of Ali Musjid 21 November 1878, the Kabul clasp was awarded for operations at or around Kabul 10-23 December 1879. L.H.E. Tucker served nearly 40 years in the Bengal army, commissioned in December 1860 he retired with the rank of Major-General 27 April 1899. The miniatures are particularly nice and both the large medals will be named on the rim, a classic Indian Army group.

All the best,


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Paul, I've attached pictures of the sides of both medals for interest. I don't have them with me at present and would stand to be corrected but I think the miniature of the Umbeyla/Jowaki has engravings on the side as well.

Mervyn, the friend I am helping with his family accolades, R.T. St George Tucker, is current head of the family according to research done on the family tree. The Tucker of this thread is his great grandfather. I will be putting up another post with regard to L.H.E's son, Tudor Henry St. George Tucker who was in fact a part of the Tirah campaign that Paul mentioned earlier.

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