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The Chief Constable of our local force has followed his predecessor's example by wearing collar dogs along with tabs on his uniform jacket. To me this looks quite odd.

What do the GMIC fashion police think of this innovation?

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Good point Nick I think it looks silly - but, at least he hasn't added a name badge. Maybe he has them in case

he gets lost ? When I took my Zulu assistant on my last trip to England I made him carry a note in his top pocket,

this said " If found please return to..........." He said he found it very helpful when asking people where he was.

Old people used to say " you know your getting old when the Policemen start looking young" . This one to me, looks

as if he should still be in school. And, as for the one with the fuzzy hair - good question Paul...............

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I think a whole bunch of medals, a couple of gold braids, some scrambled egg on the hat..a pair of Raybans and they would fit in quite comfortably on our continent Melvyn...:-)

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Or, should that be 'Naff' ??

Gorget tabs OR collar dogs.

It's an 'either / or' situation.

The trouble is, the heirarchy running modern policing has no concept of tradition.

Sad to see.

As an aside ...................... why do the 'Chiefs' get to keep their tunics for special occasions ??

The 'Indians' sure don't.

At least ............... not down my way.

I heard recently that an officer attending a funeral in my neck of the woods was forced to raid the local police museum for a tunic to wear.

He thought it would be disrespectful of him to wear a pullover.

Good for him, I say !!

Uniform dress standards have gone right down the proverbial.

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Looks damned stupid to me. Even pathetic.  

Gorget patches - whether worn by senior Police or Army (or Royal Marine) Officers - replace "collar dogs" when that class of rank is attained....you don't see Colonels, Brigadiers, or General Officers retaining their Regimental/Corps insignia beyond the rank of Lt. Col, just "because they feel like it". 

There must be "Dress Regs" for these Forces - either specified by the "Home Office" or "codified" by the Individual Forces. One wonders whether the Chief Constables pictured amended them to suit their personal sartorial styles or if they simply ignored them?  :mad:

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"bsap10535" is quite correct, a gorget patch replaces the collar dog once one reaches a rank at which the gorget patch is appropriate. And "bigjarofwasps" has the right of it as well, the gentleman pictured is correctly turned out.

(I did once take a firefighter to task over 'order of medals' when he'd come round for a home fire safety check, he was wearing one of those metal pin-on bars upside down. He was quite pleased to be shown how to wear them, and actually came back when he received his next medal to ask where it ought to go!)


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