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Thought I would post this. From what I understand this was used prior to and during WW2 by the South African Air Force in the eastern Mediterranean ( east of Malta) and throughout the African theater ( Libya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Madagascar). While I have seen examples in khaki, this is the first I've seen in a green. I would appreciate any additional info on this helmet as well as any help with the identification of the helmet flashes on the puggaree.

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Hello Westernhighlander. Sorry your post has not been answered.

These 'sun hats' were a peculiar pattern to South Africans and had the generic name of 'Polo Hats"

The Army used them in brown and the airforce also, used this colour. I do not recall seeing a green issue.

On our Medals section - the pinned post at the top a Lt.Col.- KIA during WW2, you will see that I show

his ceremonial helmet - in white and with the very rare winged springbok top piece.

The pattern was never popular and you rarely see them now - I had to pay Rands 2500 just for the shell

in order to be able to display the Badge and other items. (approx. $250)

There must be something on the internet for identifying the flashes - however, hopefully one of our South

African members will be able to help. Mervyn

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Green grey uniforms were worn by army and air force 1920s to 1930s in review order.polo pattern helmet was worn 1934 onwards.

Flash is not the usual sky blue air force one....

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