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I recently acquired this complete, circa 1910, Royal Winnipeg Rifles, "Little Black Devils" tunic, complete with belt and trousers. Canadian militaria is a bit of a departure for me but I find this piece intriguing since I was born and raised in Winnipeg and like this connection to local history.

Markings show a faded stamp ......Workman Co. Mfr's, 1910, Montreal, Quebec on the trousers along with the soldier's name CH Hall and a unit # 211 perhaps.

The inside leather collar tab on the tunic shows W.E. Sanford Mfg, Hamilton Ontario, 1910-1911. Other markings are clearly shown on the inside of the tunic.

I would certainly appreciate any feedback or thoughts on this 100 + year old set. Cheers.

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Well - welcome to you both. A very complete uniform - apart from the hat - and I can see the attraction for the Museum.

Birkie will have to make his own mind-up - but, perhaps you could offer something in exchange ? Mervyn

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Hi Mervyn

I'd like to locate a hat to complete this set. However, I'm looking for some help on the appropriate headwear for this specific uniform. Any help or guidance on this search would be greatly appreciated.



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