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Hello Gentlemen,

I had wished to visit Ulaan Bataar for long time, and after seeing the post left by Ed with the fantastic pictures on the Military Museum in 2008, I definitely knew I had to go. I have been for a conference to Seoul in late may, so to take Korean Airways to Ulaan Bataar is not that far (3 hours). Landing there is not easy....there is a lot of tail winds that forbid landing sometimes for hours. But they now have a very good modern hotel with fantastic view on Sukhe Batar Square.

Ed had made a fantastic post, so I will I post here some medals that I believe are to be issued to Mongolia Troops in Duty in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in Africa .

I guess they were not on display when Ed visited the museum in 2008.

On the picture with the 3 medals together, the third word of the first line is NATO in cyrillic. So I guess these are the official issued medal for multinational operation.

Any comment is most welcome.


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On May 23, in conjunction with 10 years of Mongolian peacekeeping activity, the Armed Forces HQs declared and summarized the ‘Monthly Campaign for Ten Creative Works’. It has been over ten years since 2002 when UN military observers were dispatched to the Democratic Republic of Congo and almost 6000 Mongolian military servicemen were deployed to 12 countries on 3 continents, successfully fulfilling their duties, accumulating experience, building up a demonstrable record of success, improving foreign language levels and facilitating the creation of the “Armed forces development fund”. More than 500 Mongolian soldiers are deployed today in foreign countries helping to create conditions for lasting peace and security. At the ceremony, some military servicemen were awarded with the medals ‘For Peace in Africa’ and ‘For Peace in Afghanistan.


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