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Any idea what this could refer to?

My first thought was the Lippe-Detmold Denkmünze an den erstrittenen Thronanspruch, However, the officer in question was in IR 67 in Metz during the period and was a native of Oldenburg.

My other thought was that it was simply a typo for 1897.

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Fritz Weihrauch.

All I had from his Kriegsrangliste was:

Born 10.11.1871 in Niederwörresbach, Fürstentum Birkenfeld
Dienstzeit 31.3.89-23.5.11
10.4.06 Hptm.
The 1913 Directory says Hptm.a.D., IR 171
The 1907 rank list shows him in IR 67, so he must have transferred to IR 171 shortly thereafter. The 1905 ranklist shows him as an Oberleutnant (10.9.98) in IR 67. According to the 1899 regimental history, Sekonde-Lieutenant in IR 67 on 20.9.90. IR 67 was a Magdeburg regiment and was stationed in Metz, so there's no obvious connection to any Bundesstaat other than Prussia.
The Principality of Birkenfeld was an exclave of Oldenburg way down in the Rhineland near the Saarland. I know of no Oldenburg commemorative from 1907.
So I'm increasingly inclined to think it's a mistake for the Centenary. An odd mistake to make, though. Perhaps a clerk was transcribing from something which had "Er.Med. '97" or the like, and misread the "9" as a "0".

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