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Book/Reference recommendations.

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Hello to all (did not find a presentation area on the forum so I am introducing myself here). I just registered into this forum. I am already a member on other coin-related forums of the web. My name is Carlos Jara.

I am looking for suggestions for good reference books on Spanish order and decorations. I can identify them allright (or think I do!) but I sometimes struggle to pinpoint or narrow the era for a particular piece.

Takw the following piece as an example. I presume it corresponds to the order of Santiago. It supposedly predates the 1850's. The apperance and workmanship seem compatible with that assertion but is there any way to pinpoint its era?


Feel free to ask me on medals and coins, particularly Spanish Colonial.

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Welcome to the forum! You will find we have a couple outstanding experts on Spanish awards... Hopefully, one of those will answer soon. Until then, enjoy checking out the other areas of the forum, including the sub-forum on military related coins etc.

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Maybe it's a personal insignia. It seems that the marquis crown is insid. The mantle carries the cross of the Order of Santiago
Do not think it's an decoration, because I have not seen anything like it before in this area

For spanish books/references recommendations on ODM please see:


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