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"Easter Uprising " 1916 medal group

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Only just got this gem so wished to show it off.

The group belonged to PATRICK J McGRATH (senior) confirned on the 1966 Roll of Honour,

Two 1935 armbands presented by President de Valera to surviving Vets of the easter uprising. both correct and retaining original labels " Bergins real irish poplin" not the best of condition but both original..as these were presented in 1935 and worn up to 1941, I believe one was issued to McGrath junior who is also listed on the roll and must have been a relative.

EASTER UPRISING MEDAL. officially named and numbered. Early issue with smaller top bar, sadly this is damaged and missing pin. Ribbon early weave type ,with folded point. The loop retaining medal has virtually invisable join , same as his service medal....just beautifully done.

Medal die struck and beautifully aged patina. Naming is inline with other officially named and numbered awards.

General Service medal with bar.

stunning, and Officially issued and numbered in correct style, upper case.

Any details greatfully received.

thanks steve

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