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2nd Week and last week in Holland a few finds, American, German, Dutch, Unknown

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Good Evening Everyone.......

Back from saleing and going to a few flea markets again this weekend.....

On to France on Monday......

Thought I would share with you my finds.......

1) Occupation Money, Mint and Uncirculated - Germany (Understand this is fairly common)


2) Westerbrok Transit / Internment / Concentration Camp Money Mint and Uncirculated - The Netherlands understand this is quite Rare in this condition.....




3) A couple of unopened packages of Cigarettes from the 1940's - The Netherlands, thought that these were not that common as the seller only had one on display and after I bought it he pulled out 5 more packages but then again the two packages for 7 and a half Euros I will not complain.....



4) A pair of Dutch Afghanistan patches.....


5) Unknown and Un-labeled Leather Helmet......



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