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Royal Canadian Dragoons RCD shoulder title

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Good evening Gentlemen,

I have recently bought a pair of brass R.C.D (Royal Canadian Dragoons) shoulder titles.

Could anyone of you let me know when they were introduced/worn on the khaki uniform (during the Boer War 1899-1902 already or in WW1)?

Were they worn by other ranks only or did the officers wore them too?

Thank you in advance.



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The RCDs only adopted that title as their main unit designation after they arrived in South Africa in 1900 so I think it unlikely the wore the RCD title there and the 2 photos of them in SA I could find on a quick search don't look as if they have any shoulder titles. [see footnote below]. The khaki service dress was introduced in 1903 and probably the shoulder titles were introduced about that time. In WWI most regiments were ordered to wear "CANADA" shoulder titles, until 1917 when unit titles were finally allowed. A few regular units, including the RCDs wore their own titles from 1914 on. That applied to Other Ranks. Officers generally wore the CANADA title below their rank badges, and collar and cap badges identifying their units.

I hope this helps. The RCDs wore shoulder titles in WWII as well, but they were a different pattern or, actually two patterns. The change must have come sometime in the '20s or '30s, probably in the '30s.


"A second Canadian contingent arrived in South Africa in the period January-March 1900. The success of the Boers’ mounted commando tactics had persuaded British commanders that their enemy would best be countered by similar mobile mounted units. Thus, the new Canadian contingent consisted of the 1st and 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles (CMR). The former was renamed the Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD) after its arrival, with the latter becoming the 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles"


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