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Russian Double Dragon?

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Seller writes that this piece has "russian style screw".


Tell me what you think guys ;)

P.S. And another thing - if it is ideed russian DD, then where are marks?!

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Ah, where to begin ....

Listed for years for $15,000 with no takers.

Appeared at a US auction where it did not even make the opening bid at ~ $8000

Re-listed for $17,000 :D

It is advertised as a SECOND Class Second Grade star. But is such a strange fantastic amalgam that throws up so many questions:

* The blue enamel is for a THIRD Class neck badge

* The Manchu characters near the 7 o'clock or 8 o'clock position state it is a THIRD Class badge

* The top red coral stone is an obvious replacement - it barely fits in the hole

* The large red coral stone is polished smooth like the FIRST Class stars. It should be blue glass for a Third Class. Or coral engraved with the shou longevity symbol if masquerading as a Second Class.

Then, as Nick points out, there's the unusual screw back and absence of makers' marks if it was a Russian or European piece. Most Second Type Double Dragons were Chinese manufactured and I've not encountered one with a Chinese makers' mark (occasionally, a First Type Double Dragon has a Chinese makers mark). For European/Russian made Double Dragons, these TYPICALLY have a makers mark.

So who knows how this strange chimera came about. Is it a jewellery conversion? An original with lots of replacement parts? A non-standard but original piece?

Third Class badges do appear from time to time with the red centre coral stone of a Second Class badge. If the coral was engraved, one MIGHT theorise that it was possibly awarded as that - who knows, the factory ran out of Second Type insignia that day, the recipient preferred the 'prettier' Third Class badge with the blue enamel because it matched the colour of his eyes ...

My money is that it is a curiosity piece at best.

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It would make a cool addition to my next years Halloween costume, scare all you guys to death :o:D:o:)

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Well guys, I'll tell you one thing - with this price tag and with such reviews this piece will be on sale for quite awhile :whistle:

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