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Australian medal for New Zealand Navy officers

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Found this interesting news article:

Tree Royal New Zealand Navy officers have been awarded the Australian Active Service Medal, the first time it has been given to any New Zealand Defence Force personnel.

Leading Hand hydrographic survey technician Matthew Barber earned the medal for his work aboard the Australian frigate HMAS Melbourne, patrolling for pirates in the Gulf of Aden last year. LH Barber (25) and two other RNZN personnel worked to support Combined Maritime Force operations in the Arabian Sea, and received the International Coalition Against Terrorism clasp with the medal. Petty Officer seaman combat specialist Josh Tatana and Able Seaman combat specialist Dylan Thomas were the other recipients.

R-adm Steer said the medals recognised the significant and long-standing defence relationship between New Zealand and Australia. ''Our navy people regularly work closely with the services of other countries. I am proud of these sailors and their efforts serving alongside their Australian shipmates,'' R-adm Steer said. ''The opportunity to wear an Australian medal offers a unique means of recognising their service.''

Capt Moles said the offer of the medal and clasp to the three sailors was an acknowledgment by the Australian Government of the high value placed on the contribution made by New Zealanders to Australian defence operations.

Read the complete article: http://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/281283/australian-medal-navy-officers


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I always thought New Zealand and Australia were the same place, only separated by a bit of water :cheeky::whistle:

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Yeah, like England and Ireland. Or Wales and Scotland, only they're separated by a bunch of... OOpps! Outside voice again. :blush:

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