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Hadeball, Heinz-Martin

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Hauptmann Heinz-Martin Hadeball

Gruppe Kommander: I. Gruppe, Nachtjagdgeschwader 6

26.4.44 - 3.7.44

Document Image:

Heldentod Citation

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There seems to be some confusion with regards to this officers appoinment.

Karl Hadeball is listed on http://www.ww2.dk/air/njagd/njg6.htm as being a Gruppenkommanduer for I/NJG-6 but according to Larry & Doug's LW Officer Summaries it is actually Heinz-Martin Hadeball. The confusion is easy to see as the two served in the same NJG's at around the same times.

Heinz-Martin Hadeball ended the war with 27 (or 33 according to another source) victories and won the Ehrenpokal on 9th August 1943, DKiG on 7th February 1944 and the RK on 27th July 1944.

From the LW Officer Career Summaries...
HADEBALL, Heinz-Martin (“Hannibal”). (DOB: 22.04.21 in Kahren near Cottbus). (DKG). 06.41
assigned to 7./NJG 1 on completion of training. 1942 trf to 8./NJG 4. 06/07.05.42 Lt., 8./NJG 4.
01.04.43 Lt., appt Staka 12./NJG 4 (to 01.08.43). 01.06.43 promo to Oblt. 01.08.43 appt Staka 3./NJG 6
(to 25.04.44). 09.08.43 awarded Ehrenpokal. 01.10.43 promo to Hptm. 14/15.01.44 Hptm., 3./NJG 6.
WIA - Bf 110 G-4 vic Bad Gandersheim, near Goslar. 07.02.44 awarded DKG, 3./NJG 6. 26.04.44
Hptm., appt Kdr. I./NJG 6 (to 03.07.44 - made scapegoat for lack of operations and replaced). c.07.44 trf
to Stab/NJGr. 10. 21.07.44 Hptm., 3./NAGr. 10. 15.10.44 Hptm., appt Staka 3./NJGr. 10 (to 03.45).
Credited with c.350 combat missions and 33 air victories.
HADEBALL, Karl. 12.42 in 8./NJG 4. 27.09.43 Oblt., 3./NJG 6. 04.44 with 3./NJG 6. 07.44 Hptm. in
3./NJGr. 10. Credited with one victory.
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Thanks for straightening this out, Kevin. I was going by the info on the ww2.dk site.

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