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I am trying to track down information on a little known military action which involved armed forces based in the British Central Africa Protectorate, in 1898. the action is known as the Angoni Rebellion, or the Angoni Uprising.

The forces involved were around 600 in total, mostly local Africans, with Sikh NCOs and British Officers.

A good description of the action is here:


Participants were given the Central Africa Medal.

I would appreciate any help in finding sources of information, especially if anyone knows of collections of private papers.

One officer is mentioned in the article on kaiserscross - Lieutenant J S Brogden, Royal Marines Light Infantry - is of particular interest.

Many thanks!

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Hi Richard,

Welcome! Harry wrote the article on the site, I will point him here, if anyone can help it will be him.

All the best


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The Indian Military History Society publishes a quarterly journal called Durbar, in which there have been a number of articles in recent years on actions in Africa involving Indian and African troops. The new web site for the group will soon be posting back issues. In the meantime, the Secretary, Tony McClenahan, may be able to direct you to a member with knowledge of the event. http://imhs.org.uk/contact.html

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