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This is an interesting tinnie I recently acquired. The legend around the edge of the tinnie (in German) states: "1. Reichstreffen der Deutschen Volksgesundheitsbeweging in Düsseldorf". My translation into English comes out as "1st National Meeting of the German People's Health Movement in Dusseldorf". The central design is the city of Dusseldorf's Heraldic Crest emblazoned upon a shield. My preliminary research leads me to believe this was a meeting of one of the pseudo-holistic health groups that believed that better health was achieved by practising public nudism. This may have something to do with the establishment of the nude beach area near Dusseldorf. I believe this tinnie dates from the early 1920's to possibly the early 1930's.

My Questions Are:

1) What is the correct date of this tinnie? I'd like to get it at least to the year the meeting was held.

2) What does RADV stand for? (No - this is not some derivative of Reichs Arbeits Dienst!)

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An interesting piece.

First the easy bit: The 1. Reichstreffen der deutschen Volksgesundheitsbewegung in Düsseldorf was held on the 7th & 8th August 1937.

Not sure about the RADV part, could be Reichsarbeitsgemeinschaft Deutchen Volksgesundheitsbewegung.... ?



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I would agree with your assessment of R, D, and V (at least, that's where I was headed). As for the A, how about "Ausrichtung" - an alternative for "Organization"? IE: Reichs Ausrichtung der Deutschen Volksgesundheitsbewegung? Does someone have another idea, or know for sure?

As a side note, if find it fascinating to learn a organization would be allowed to exist some 4 and 1/2 years after the Nazi seizure of power, and hold meetings without using the swastika somewhere in its badge or a meeting tinnie...it is definitely saying the organization was non-political in nature!

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