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Hi Team,

This is my 1st post on this great site, I have a story that I do not know if it is true? The items belonged to Hitlers interpreter for Russian language as his Father was German and his Mother was Russian, Can anyone please identify the enameled badge? The tie clip and the cuff links also belonged to the same man I also obtained a German flag along with these items, the flag has what looks like a watery blood stain on it?

The family would not give me a name of the man only a photo.

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Thank you Burgerhaus,

Do you think maybe that the story I was told may have some substance?



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If the story was told to you first hand then you would be able to look for any signs of the story being false. If the story is anything beyond first hand it tends not to be true I would think. It is plausible but could easily be concocted. Do you believe it? The articles you show, if all are original, is what matters, no? What does the little blue bugger have written on the reverse if anything? Either way welcome to you here. This is a friendly place. All the Best Robert PS What I mean by signs would be eye contact and this sort of thing. I am very practiced at this having a 14 year old at home.


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