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Need advice about luger & holster

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For several years now, I've owned a luger that had a Weimar army unit stamp on the front strap. Recently, I've been offered a luger holster with the same regiment and company number, but with an individual weapon number slightly higher than my luger. My question is whether I should go ahead and buy the holster for my luger or not. Will putting them together add to the value? On the one hand, the numbers do not match exactly, so it's still an unmatched set. On the other hand, what are the chances of ever putting together an exact match? I suspect that I'm just looking for some sort of justification for my decision. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Chances for putting together an exact match is few. As for increasing the value, because the holster has close to the same numbers, not much. About the same as having a accompanying holster without. If the numbers did match, an extra $150.-$200.....IMO. If it were me and the condition was good and the price right, I'd go for it anyway but now....I'm not going after anything.

BTW, depends too on the unit.

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