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BSAP Headgear

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I have in my collection a BSAP uniform consisting of khaki short sleeve bush jacket and khaki shorts. The uniform has the rank insignia of Superintendant. I would like to assemble the proper headgear to complete the uniform. I have already a BSAP "other ranks" peaked cap (olive green, with blue band and gold BSAP insignia). Would an officer of the rank of Superintendant simply use the same cap with an officers bullion cap device in place of the standard gold metal BSAP device?

Of note, the uniform has insignia from the post-UDI period. Interestingly, It also came wih a compete set of ZRP insignia, so I imagine the original owner went through the transition. Now finding a ZRP officers cap device would be a whole other story.........

Thanks very much, -Jeff

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OCPD - I think we need an old BSAP member to answer this question. I think this rank would have had braiding

on the peak - but can't really remember for sure. The badge changed after UDI. The insignia for the Zim. Police is

quite hard to find. Mervyn

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Jeff, your Supt would have worn a cap, S.D. drab (as per your 'other ranks cap'), with an embroidered commissioned officers cap badge (no braiding on the peak which was only for officers from the rank of Assistant Commissioner), as per the photo below -

Regards Wayne



5923 Tony Seward.jpg

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